150683 was ordered as F-8U-2NE at Vought Dallas, Texas and build between 1962 and 1963. At that time it carried LTV line numer 1127, being the 196th F-8U-2NE/F-8E build. The airframe was accepted on september 13th 1963 (already as F-8E). In september 1962, the F-8U-2NE designation was changed to F-8E. After several years, the airframe was modified in 1967 to F-8J with manufacturers number change from 196 to 39. (see also the NAVAIR notice regarding the designation change, that can be downloaded below) 

F-8J Crusader 17_May_1966
Below you will find several images of 150683, including it's data plate. From several images it turned out to be impossible to find the original (copyright) owner. If you have more information or have more images of 150683, please contact us at:
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Data plate, cn 39, BuNo 150683, type F-8J

Original data from the Vought files.

Flying with VF-124 as NJ-404

Seen above as NJ-404 flying with VF-124

Flying with VF-194 as NM-200 in 1970

Above and below, 150683 seen as NM-200 flying with VF-194 during the 1970 cruise aboard the CVA-34 USS Oriskany (CVW-19) Note the big crest underneath the wing.

150683 taking of from NAS Atsugi in 1970


And again as NM-200 seen landing october 1970 in Japan, note the different flashes on the tail and below in full flight.

As F-8E with VF-33 AE-205 in 1964, Click for large image

150683 seen in the back, ready for the launch while flying with VF-33 in 1964 as AE-205 on board USS Enterprise. (still being the F-8E model) 

VF-124 as NJ-404 again

Again as NJ-404 with VF-124 above on deck and below leaving from the catapult.

NJ-404 taking off

In the clip below, first one taking off is 150683/NJ-404:

150683 NM-200 escorting 62-4135 RC-135M

Our F-8J escorting 62-4135, one of six RC-135M "Rivet Card" over the Gulf of Tonkin in 1970. The RC-135M was operated by the 82nd Reconnaissance Squadron out of Kadena. Intelligence was gathered over the Gulf of Tonkin and Laos under the Combat Apple program.

As seen above in the "Department of Defense appropriations for 1974", 150683 was apparantly part of the Naval Reserve by 1971.

Copyright: aviationphotocompany.com

During 1974 the code NP-115 with VF-211 was used. Image copyright by www.aviationphotocompany.com

July 1974

Below, some pilots seen passing 150683/NP-115 at Miramar in 1974. 

NP-102 as seen in the CV-19 Cruisebook.

In 1975 the airframe turned in to NP-102 with VF-211. This was the last operational modex used by 150683. The picture below is kindly provided by Vern Larson (one of its pilots)

150683 allmost feet wet

Image from Cdr. Kuechmann logbook, showing 2 entries from February 1975. On the 6th an IA3 (Field Unit Training FCLP) and on the 24th an IA4 (Field Unit Carrier Qualification) 
After its last tour aboard the USS Hancock, the aircraft flew to Davis Monthan to be added to the AMARC inventory on november 5th 1975 with inventory code 2F337. On april 25 1990, it was assigned AMARC inventory number 2F0438 (due to its upcoming transfer to France) On august 9th, 1990 it was transfered to France to be used as spare parts together with several other F-8J's. (149145, 149149, 149201, 149204, 149210, 149215, 150658, 150680, 150845 and 150871)
According to documents, the airframe was stricken off charge (SOC) twice, once on 79/01/01 and the second time on 82/08/23 both times as F-8J.

Gator time..!

Flying in formation, picture thanks to Vern Larson

After being dumped at Cuers airfield in France, the airframes where dismantelled for scrap in 2000. The cockpit of 150683 was bought (among others) by Mr. Pont from Savigny. There it was obtained by the late mr. Roel van Beurden from The Netherlands, as seen below in his storage. 

Situated next to a Beech 18 and a DC-3 cockpit.

In 2013 the cockpit was obtained by Rik Nitsch from Germany and transported to its current location.

On the road to Germany.