Here you find bits and pieces of information on our project, usefull links to websites concerning the F-8 and more. Also scroll down for our wanted items!

Canopy rail says Appelgate, but Larson at the controls.

Image kindly provided by Vern Larson

For those interested, below you can download the NATOPS flight manual for the F-8D/E and RF-8G (as PDF) And also the pocket checklist for the F-8D & E.
F-8D/E flight manual Download
RF-8G flight manual Download
F-8D & E NATOPS Pocket Checklist.pdf

A big thank you to the following people:
  1. Mr. and Mrs. Terry and Suzanne Appelgate
  2. Mr. Vern Larson for the nice images
  3. Mr. Jerry Kuechmann for the images and logbook entries
  4. Mr. Stephen C. Johnson, for supplying the illustrated parts lists
  5. Mr. Chris Ball
  6. Mr. Andreas Hartmann, Centro Barchetta, Wermelskirchen for all the welding on the Crusader
  7. Mr. Frank Unger, Kfz Unger, Wermelkirchen for the trailer and transport of the Gator to its current location 

 And some usefull and nice to read links to F-8 related website
  1. the Gunfighters page
  2. 60 years of Gunfighters 
  3. Ron Knott, former F-8 pilot
  4. F-8
  5. French Crusader site
  6. USMC F-8 pilots website
  7. VFP-62 Crusader site
  8. F-8's in the NAS Dallas Reserves
  9. "Crash" Miottel's webcollection 

Proud to announce that 150683 is available at

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Very nice scale model build by Frank!



Still some parts missing, if you have any idea were to get these, let us know!

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